Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Sometimes it would seem wise to give up, but I can't seem to do that even though I've had very little success to date. I guess that is the nature of marketing...keep trying until you find something that works! I am convienced that lanyards can be fun and/or pretty to wear, therefore, a profitable commodity. I just need to figure out how to match product to customer. I've had good success with personalizing my cedar signs, so thought I'd try the same with lanyards. It is my plan to use clip art to create a unique and personalized lanyard. It will take a little time to polish my craft, but I'm off and running. I can't say I like every piece I've made so far, but I'm getting better at working with polymer clay to get a desired creation. Price will factor into each piece once I feel confident I can provide a consistant product. Right now I'm simply challenging myself to be creative. It is what I love best....

If you want me to create a customized lanyard feel free to contact me via my Etsy shop or through my email link. I will post the finished product on my Etsy BachsCrafts. No obligation to buy until you see something you like. Consider providing the following information when ordering:

  • design (logo, or simple clip art works best)
  •  shape (heart, circle, oval, square, flower, etc.)
  •  colors of braid (up to 4 colors though 2 work best)
  •  metal: silver, gold or copper
  • spelling (if applicable)
  • length, usually between 28”-40” (double the length from back of neck to where you want the pendant to hang)

Dragonfly Lanyard
Sun and Moon Lanyard

Stick Figure Nurse Lanyard

Squirrel Lanyard