Saturday, November 13, 2010

Crystals, Crosses & Roosters: Jewelry With Meaning

October was a busy month. A trip to Seattle to spend time with my brother while he was in the hospital, a trip to Boston to help my husband do genealogical research, and a trip to Spokane to see my step-daughter Ariell marry Anton. And along with each of these visits I packed my jewelry boxes so I could do bead work in my "spare" time; in planes, in hospitals, in libraries, and any place I could lay out a towel. My previous blog recounted some of the pieces made in Seattle. Current report: Slade is currently walking and has movement in his right arm! What a trooper! To face such a horrendous event with such courage and fortitude certainly puts him at the top of my hero list!

My trip to Boston followed the weekend after my return from Seattle. Massachusetts was a beautiful state to visit, especially in the fall, and Boston left me wanting more. There’s a lot to do in this state, especially for a history teacher! I felt so privileged to take in some of the sites. We got to the airport early so we were able to squeeze in a quick visit to downtown Boston. They have a great system to get one from the airport to downtown and back so having just a few hours to spare was easily filled up with a historic side tour. I was sometimes helpful in my husband’s research, but sense it was pretty tedious and specific research I would bead as he read old newspapers. I made this piece in Weymouth's library.

The next week I was in Spokane for Ariell’s wedding. It was a simple wedding. Last summer I asked her if she wanted me to make her wedding necklace and she was excited to have me do this for her. We went to World of Wonders bead shop in Spokane where she picked out the stones and pieces she wanted me to use. She loves amethysts crystals and wanted that as her centerpiece. When it came right down to making it though, I knew she’d want to wear the crystal frequently, so I decided to make the necklace in two pieces…one for everyday, wear, and a second, complementary necklace to dress up the crystal for her wedding. I thought the ensemble turned out nicely and she was pleased.
While in Spokane I also finished the work on my daughter Joy’s birthday gift. I made her a set of three lanyards to wear at work (preschool teacher). I stayed with Brook, and of course I had to make something special for my hostess! Back to World of Wonders to have Brook pick out what she liked. She selected a marbled white cross for a necklace and some mood beads for a bracelet. While we were there I found some rooster charms. Stacie was coming over for a visit so I made her a "rooster" necklace as a memorial to her dad, who had a rooster tatooed on his foot. (My father had a rooster tatooed on his foot durning WWII and it's become somewhat of a family tradition to have a rooster tatoo).  Stacie recently had a rooster tatooed on her back. So when I spotted the rooster charm I had to make it into a necklace for my niece. I get such pleasure out of making these gifts I’m surprised they don’t charge me! So, as you can see October turned out to be a very busy month for me! I’m currently working on Christmas gifts and craft shows, so haven’t been able to slow down much.