As a teacher required to wear a name tag, I decided I wanted something a little more along the lines of jewelry. Working with copper and wire added the dress up quality I was looking for. From there I expanded into working with polymer clays, which added a whole new demension. I could really get creative and whimical. If you see somthing you'd like and would like me to replicate, or to customize to your liking feel free to contact me. When requesting a customized piece you may want to think about includeing the following information. 

I would be pleased to make a lanyard to your specifications. Each lanyard is handmade, so it will be a little bit funky, but fun! If general enough, I will make up a lanyard and post so you are not obligated to purchase anything you don’t like. If time allows I like to make a couple variations so you have some choices, and can share with friends if you’re so inclined to share the fun!
Please note:
·         design (logo, or simple clip art works best)
·         shape (heart, circle, square, flower, etc.)
·         colors of braid (up to 4 colors though 2 work best)
·         metal: silver, gold or copper
·         length, usually between 28”-40” (double the length from back of neck to where you want the pendant to hang)

Hammered Copper

Polymer Clay Pikachu

Polymer Clay Teacher Apple

Polymer Clay Butterfly