Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Life's a little blurry right now...

Several weeks ago I printed off a shipping label and noticed the UPC bar code had wavy lines. At first I thought my printer was misaligned, but looking at the lines again they were straight, then wavy. Finally, I had to take it in to my husband and ask him if the bar code had wavy or straight lines. He said they were straight. After a trip to my optometrist and then onto a specialist it was determined I had a macular hole, something I’d never even heard of before. Evidently it is not uncommon in “women my age,” who are nearsighted. I was told it would require two surgeries to fix…hopefully.

I’ve had the first surgery to fix cataracts I don’t have, but will develop with the second surgery. Surprisingly it wasn’t that unpleasant. In fact, after the anesthesiologist served me my “two martinis” I was in pretty good shape for the rest of the operation. A round of antibiotics and in a couple of weeks I should be ready for the next surgery which is for the purpose of actually fixing the hole in my eye. After the surgery I will be required to keep my face down for several days if not weeks. I can honestly say I’m not much looking forward to this task even with the consolation prize of getting off work for a couple of weeks. I’d rather work! But the universe didn’t ask my opinion as to whether or not I wanted this inconvenience and I feel I have very little room to complain. I am glad that there is a fix, even though there are risks and nothing is guaranteed.
Through the years I have been in good health, so facing this mini crisis seems inconsequential to the real hardships faced by so many. As for my jewelry making it has slowed me down a little. Everything takes a little more time and effort. Having lost "only" a quarter of my vision it stills leaves me with 3/4ths and that would seem sufficient until I try to replace the needle size pin on the glue bottle and I can’t seem to quite measure the depth or the distance. Sometimes I want to cry and feel sorry for myself, but then I think of others in my family who face real hardships. I have a cousin in a wheelchair, a brother learning to drive with one hand, a sister-in-law who recently lost her nephew in a motorcycle accident, students whose parents have cancer, families members without jobs, and the tears stop. I can’t seem to feel sorry for myself because I have to endure some pain and uncertainty. Like Scarlet O’hara, if at all possible, “I’ll think about that tomorrow.” Today I’ll just busy myself with making a necklace.
Link for more information about what is a Macular Hole: http://www.nei.nih.gov/health/macularhole/macularhole.asp#1